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About Us


Business support..

TPM Software Support is provided by our partners in business who, through their own qualified professional certifications, relate to the technologies that are a must for most TPM Software users ....

TPM On Site Support
is provided by our qualified TPM software staff who can manage all aspects of technical help and give advise to our TPM Software users ....

For Software Training Telephone: TPM Training on 0141 776 5633

TPM Online Support is provided by utilizing TeamViewer which can be installed from here in minutes. This allows TPM staff or support partners to immediately repair or support your onsite computer or software. TeamViewer can be downloaded from our website now by clicking with your mouse on the TeamViewer Download.



TeamViewer Quick Support Download

TPM Software is credited with the fact that it was written by computer application experts who have been involved in the following industries..


Automobile Association including responsibilities for the AA's national vehicle procurement software programmes and fleet maintenance systems.

Perth & Kinross Regional Council mini frame programming work to provide software solutions for priced council maintenance jobbing by outside building contractors which included integrating the national schedule of rates.

Clackmannishire & District Council disability carer programme for people carers including time scheduling & budgetary control.

Royal Air Force ticket programme for RAF Air shows including credit card authorisation and ticket barcoding.

Scottish Prison Services in house software maintenance programme including Job Costing with Sage Integration,help desk and budgetary control to the relevant prison blocks.

Calor Gas Gas Bottle Leasing Systems.

Window Blind Manufacturing Order Processing, Accounting and Manufacturing processes including ticket barcoding at machine instruction level.

Residential Property Market in depth software modules to cover all aspects of the Residential Property Markets letting requirements up to and including the year 2010.


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